Base Bicycles - the saigon

electric - modular - smart

The Base Saigon was created with one thing in mind, to replace your car. 


Our smart mounting system means your bike can adapt to any situation in seconds. We have designed a range of accessories that integrate flawlessly and turn your bike into a utility vehicle.


The IOS/Android APP integrates with the on-board GPS to relay real-time usage, tracking and vital signs. Control your integrated lights, adjust luminosity, check battery range or challenge a friend.


A to B, no sweat. Our 250 Watt motor and 1152WH battery provides well over 200KM range of pedal assistance 


From the integrated batteries inside the frame tubes to our built-in GPS tracking, we designed the Saigon from the ground up to integrate features into the beautiful, clean design.


No grease, no stretching over time, just 35,000KM’s of maintenance free riding.


If there’s one thing we hate, it’s bike thieves. That’s why in addition to built-in GPS, your wheels, saddle and handlers are all fitted with custom anti-theft bolts.


Open the box, roll out your bike and scan the QR code. Just one step to register your warranty, pair your bike with the app and you’re away! Your bike comes fully assembled in the box.


Like all of our products, you’ll have a warranty for life, covering manufacturing defects.